Have you considered the impact a spelling mistake can have on your company’s credibility?

One mistake is a typo; a finger slips on the keyboard or a key isn’t pushed down quite hard enough. It happens to the best of us.
Two or three, well, that can become distracting. If the content is interesting enough, however, a reader won’t hold it against you.

Five times: now we’re talking carelessness. And you start to seriously go down in the reader’s estimation. Nobody likes to be seen as doing shoddy work, surely?
Anything beyond that and you lose all credibility. Your reader is likely to scroll all the way down, no matter how relevant your message is to them. A missed opportunity, and all your efforts laid to waste.

When writing a text, a website or a brochure, we can often become immersed in the task. We know the subject like the back of our hands. By reading, rereading and fine-tuning our writing, our brain no longer carefully reads each word, but instead skips over sentences and becomes oblivious to any possible mistakes, whether they are spelling or stylistic errors. It happens. We’re only human! This is where a second pair of eyes comes in. At Synchronie, excellence in languages is our strength. œil extérieur est le bienvenu. Chez Synchronie, la maîtrise de la langue est notre force.

Because your website, your brochures, your contracts and all of your publications are effectively your shop window, they have to be impeccable, just like the image you are trying to portray to the world.

But which service do you need: editing or proofreading? What is the difference?

Editing looks at your original text, whether it is to be translated or not. We cast a fresh pair of eyes over your text and ensure that it is crystal clear to the lay reader. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, style, terminology, coherence: we take a fine-toothed comb to it and nothing gets past us!

Proofreading, on the other hand, has to do with translations. It involves a second professional translator performing a rigorous comparison of the translation against the original so as to seek out the slightest deviation in meaning or typo and guarantee that the text flows and reads well, as well as remaining faithful to the original. This standard procedure gives you additional peace of mind about the quality of our services. Of course, the second professional also has the same 3 qualities required for any good translator, as we discuss here.

With these two procedures, both included in our translation quote, you can rest assured that your communications will be immaculate, translated with style and precision. What more could you need?


Rigorous verification of the text in the original language.


Checking of a translation compared against the original text.

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