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Founded in 2006, Synchronie Translating & Interpreting is the ideal partner for all your multilingual communication needs. Based in the Charleroi Metropolitan region, our work takes us to all four corners of Belgium and Europe. Whether you need a written document translated or spoken interpretation for your conferences, we go the extra mile to select the very best professionals our sector has to offer to service your particular needs. You can count on us for all your written and spoken translation needs, regardless of the domain of expertise. Every single day we translate out of and into all of the main European languages (French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish…) but we are always happy to rise to the challenge of an unusual language combination!

1400interpreting days since 2002
15years of experience
355000words translated and/or proofread in the last 12 months

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Pour une communication fluide lors de vos réunions, conférences, séminaires, et autres, nous mettons nos meilleurs interprètes à votre service.

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Nous nous occupons de la traduction de vos documents de et vers les principales langues européennes.

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Qui n’est jamais tombé sur une coquille en parcourant un site ou un document? Notre service de révision vous aide à éviter ce faux-pas.

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« Just because you have two hands, it doesn’t mean you can automatically play the piano. »

That slogan might as well have been written for us! The same thing applies to interpreting and translating: just because you can speak multiple languages, it doesn’t mean you automatically know how to convey a message from one language to another.

Translation and interpretation is the art of understanding the ideas behind words and transmitting them from one language to another in the most natural and fluent way possible, respecting all the nuances and register of the original version. This is a high-level workout for the brain which requires skill, knowledge and experience.

Synchronie takes personal pride in making all our clients feel valued by offering them a tailor-made and highly responsive service. We achieve this through our single point of contact and the full range of linguistic services on offer:

  • interpreting – conference, simultaneous, consecutive or liaison
  • translation of written documents;
  • translation proofreading ;
  • single language editing;
  • voice-overs.

We offer many different language pairs. As you can imagine, we cover the main European languages (French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, etc.) but why not put us to the test by requesting a lesser-known combination?

A good translation also requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter in question and painstaking research skills. Synchronie has access to a vast array of experienced translators and interpreters, ensuring we can usually find the perfect match for your specific needs.

If we were forced to choose, Synchronie’s main area of expertise would be, without a doubt, the environment in the broader sense, with all of its far-reaching implications: human and animal health, biodiversity, climate change, agriculture, water management, waste management, food, renewable energy, transport… These are all extremely important subjects for our shared future, meaning that they have to be addressed in conjunction with each other. Therefore, it won’t come as too much of a surprise to find that one of our main spheres of activity lies in European and international institutions and associations, as well as NGOs. Finally, legal affairs, media and copyright, development cooperation, tourism, textiles, various business activities (trade unions, commercial, management meetings, general assemblies, boards of directors, works councils, etc.) add to our range of skills. There’s nothing that won’t pique our curiosity!

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